Useful IP Cores

This page offers descriptions of models (and zip files to them), as well as our developments on the web-site

→ Testbench for the filter testing. (information + zip-file)

O U R   P R O J E C T S   O N   A   W E B – S I T E   O P E N C O R E S.O R G:,fft_fir_filter FFT-based FIR Filter.,lp_iir_filter Low-Pass IIR Filter.,dct_idctPipelined DCT/IDCT.,pipelined_fft_64Pipelined FFT/IFFT 64 points processor.,pipelined_fft_128Pipelined FFT/IFFT 128 points processor.,pipelined_fft_256Pipelined FFT/IFFT 256 points processor.