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The Kanyevsky’s scientifical school was adopted in USSR, in Ukraine, and in abroad. The founder of this school led it in NTUU “KPI” till his death in 2001.

At present the school and the laboratory are named in the honour of Prof. Yuri Stanislavovich Kanyevsky by his name. The Assistant Professor, Doctor of Science Anatolij Mikhailovich Sergiyenko, which was the Kanevski’s student is the leader of the laboratory.

→ Professor Kanyevsky and his scientific school
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Professor Kanyevsky and his scientific school.

Professor Yuri Kanyevsky
Professor Yuri Kanyevsky

Pr. Kanyevsky was born in Skadovsk(Ukraine)on April 16,1939.
High school: Polytechnic University of Kiev( Ukrain). Diploma in ingineering – Technische Universitat Dresden (Dresden University of Technology )/Germany. Faculty of Electronics, 1963.
Kandidat of Technical Sciences (Ph.D):Polytechnic University of Kiev( Ukrain).Faculty of Authomatics and Computer Sciences, 1970.
Doctor of Technical Sciences (Dr.habil) Polytechnic University of Kiev( Ukrain).Faculty of Informatics and Computer Sciences, 1991 г.
Alma mater: Polytechnic University of Kiev( Ukrain).
Institutions: Polytechnic University of Kiev( Ukrain).(1963-1996)
Polytechnic University of Koshalyn (Poland).(1996-2001)
Fields: Electronics, Computer Sciences.
Publications: 328 sientific works.
Died: January 14, 2001.

Scientific direction – High Level Synthesis of Computer Systems

Prof. Yuri Stanislavovich Kanyevsky was the head of the Application Specific Processor Laboratory. He has founded this laboratory at the Computer Engineering Department of KPI in 1976.

Several tenths of experimental high-speed parallel DSP computer systems were designed in the laboratory by the leadership of the Docent and then of the Professor Kanyevsky.
Prof. Kanyevsky was the leader of the scientific direction “Methods and Tools for Mapping Parallel Algorithms into Computer Systems”. This direction was transformed into “High Level Synthesis of Computer Systems for Periodic Algorithm Implementation”
He was the principal advisor of 10 candidates of science (PhD) and 2 doctors of science. He had published 324 scientific-technical papers, 4 books. And he was the coauthor of 139 patents.
For that period a set of specialized computers based on the modern integral circuits was designed which solved complex computational tasks in real time. These computers had the characteristics which were comparable to ones of the best processors over the world.
The processor design experience was described in a set of methods for such a processor synthesis. Originality and effectiveness of the methods were shown in a set of dissertations and patents.
Every year several students were taught at the Kanevski’s laboratory. They prepared the diploma and master degree works which are connected with the real processor development.

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Assistant Professor Anatolij Mikhailovich Sergiyenko.

Assistant Professor Anatolij Sergiyenko
Assistant Professor Anatolij Sergiyenko